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El passat 30 de maig ens va visitar Alex Rowlison.  Aquest jove anglès  treballa com assistant teacher en una escola de primària d’ Olot i gràcies a la nostra companya Tere Triadú el vam poder convidar al nostre centre per fer una xerrada sobre Manchester, la seva ciutat natal, i el Regne Unit en general. Els alumnes van poder fer-li preguntes sobre diferents temes que afecten a la societat britànica actual.

Aquesta és la crònica que en va fer l’ alumne de 1r BAT A Antonio Zambrano.

Alex started explaining that in Great Britain people have two names like we have two surnames. He spoke very clearly, I almost understood everything he said and he knew how to explain very well everything he talked about.

He had come to Spain to learn Spanish, but he is living in Olot so he is learning Catalan and some traditions like eating “calçots”. He cannot eat much of the Spanish food because he is vegetarian. He said that his Catalan was terrible but he only spoke English with the kids at school. He told us he had been teaching since last year or so, so he is new in the job, but he did it really well. He had also been teaching in Rwanda, a fact that surprised me.

In general he talked about Manchester, the city where he had lived for a lot of years and he explained us that it was really multicultural; it had some really beautiful places to visit and for the ones who like football (he did not), the stadiums of Manchester United and Manchester City were a good place too.

We asked him what people thought about the Royal Family and he told us that young people did not really mind but older people did, because they reminded them of the glorious past of the nation. About Brexit he explained that young people did not like it, but they did not vote because they do not like politics, so they hated Brexit but they were not doing anything against it. He also talked about traditions, both Catalan and British, some are silly but they still are part of our culture. In conclusion we learned a lot of things about Great Britain and the British people so I loved the experience.